What Will I Say?

(A word of explanation: I wrote this during the Christmas vacation of 2013 when I was struggling to write anything for an essay. I decided to do a ‘stream of consciousness’ piece and it resulted in this. The only editing I’ve done is to spell check it. When thinking what I should publish first on this blog, this piece came to mind and so here it is. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.)

Somedays you sit down at a keyboard and simply type. Your fingers hit those keys and words that you didn’t even know were there tumble forth onto the screen. Maybe it’ll be a poem, or it could simply be a mindless rage against the general stupidity of all humanity and everything that seems to be going wrong in life. It could be a list; the words could be a complaint, a love note, an essay, a threat or even a final goodbye.

Whatever the words are, there’s something therapeutic about mashing the ol’ keys and hearing the steady beat of fingers on plastic and knowing that something that wasn’t – is.

I suppose that this note to myself to stir myself out of my mindless stupor some day near christmas is turning into a blog post. I said something that made me think. Can you guess what it was?


‘Something that wasn’t – is.’

If you could imagine me typing this, you’d see that below/after my cursor is simply white space.

Empty space.


But now I look back, mere seconds later, and what was empty white space is now words and material for you to read and engage with. Straying the line between that which was and that which isn’t quite yet, I suppose I’m writing in the ‘it was just present’. This could well lead to a tangent on the present and the future and the past and the linealities of time. (Did I just invent a word? I think so, I like it.) But no, we shall attempt to limit our focus onto what caught my imagination for a moment.

‘Something that wasn’t – is.’

Maybe it’s just Christmas, and I mean the proper incarnational activity of the Logos of God event rather than Santa, capitalism and the high suicide rates but it seems to me that there’s so much we could say on creation. We enjoy creating. We design and make and use and do so many things. We make stuff, but that’s not the end. Having made stuff we share it with others. Want a prime example? You’re reading it.

So when I think about how we find some innate sense of accomplishment when we create things it makes me think: this is an echo of how God feels when he creates stuff. When he creates stuff, he feels satisfied with it. And when he creates stuff there’s an infinity beyond human comprehensions of what he could create. As I write, I’m shaping white, empty space into words and thoughts and so on. When he creates he’s creating the white space too!

Now it strikes me that there’s 4 main creation events where God does something that’s quite frankly amazing.

Firstly: He made everything out of Nothing and fashioned all of being into the beings that those beings are.

solar system,
their organs,
things to be food and…


What wasn’t – is.

That’s mental. Good work, Lord.

Secondly: HE BECAME A PART OF WHAT HE HAD MADE! HE incarnated himself by his Holy Spirit into a Virgin’s womb and took on flesh and matter and stuff and became an actual person. He didn’t just make a human ‘avatar’ type thing to be controlled from afar with a divine remote control but actually and personally became human. That blows my mind. Every. Single. Time.

What wasn’t – is.

Thirdly, he kinda died. I say kinda, what I mean is that he was killed in the most certifiably dead way possible. The God of all creation revealing himself as Jesus was beaten to a pulp, staked to a cross with nails through his body, which would have triggered agonizing fiery pain to ripple and burn through out his nervous system. He hung there surrounded by soldiers and mockers and died. As if this wasn’t enough they stabbed him with a spear to check he was dead. Y’know, just to check. What does this have to do with creation I hear you ask? Well the bright cookies among you will have guessed where this is heading; to Resurrection.

In resurrection, the dead body of Jesus was seized by the Holy Spirit of the Lord most High and out of all the fullness of Love that his Heavenly Father had for his Son life was poured out upon Jesus once again.

What wasn’t – is.

And the key word here is ‘is‘.

This resurrection life of Jesus is. He laid down his life in obedience to the Father for the forgiveness of sins of the whole world and he received eternal unending life back from the Father and lives life without end, without death or deterioration or corruption. This is the greatest act of Creation so far, because through the resurrection of Jesus the relationship of Man for God and of God for Man finds itself fully realised as unassailable and ultimately prevailing reality both for God and for Man.

It’s from the resurrection that we lead into the final act of creation, the eschatalogical creation. That is, when all of creation is brought into the resurrection relationship of Jesus to the Father where death is no more and where we shall live in perfect worship of the Lord God most high in eternal life; however that shall look. This will be the next major act of Creation where what currently is will become something that is distinctly other and yet somehow consistent with what currently is. Our fading and deteriorating temporal existence shall be drawn by the Spirit and woven as threads in the tapestry of Jesus’ eternal relation with the Father and we shall fundamentally and completely be free from all sin and corruption.

What isn’t – will be.

There we go, I sat down a short while ago to get myself out of my own numb existential crises and instead of obsessing and dissecting my own thoughts and emotions into oblivion my mind was drawn into a brief mediation upon God and actually I feel much better. I feel like there’s a lesson in there somewhere, maybe two.

1. When you’re feeling down, don’t look inwards but look towards God.

2. Creating stuff is good, we like creating stuff and so does God.

Oh wait, and Three:

What wasn’t – is, and will be.



EDIT: There wasn’t an audio version of this, and now there is!

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  1. That’s really cool & a lovely piece of writing – very thought provoking! The incredible thing is that God is the eternal is, his is-y-ness is the constant moment shaping our past and directing our future – inviting and transforming our brief but ‘oh so precious’ moments of existence into the ultimate will be in him.


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