The Significance of the Resurrection

‘There is no point in playing down the staggering significance of the incarnation and resurrection. God the Creator of the universe, transcendent over all time and space, has himself become a creature within time and space, the man Jesus Christ, and precisely as such, ‘within the measures and limits’ of our human historical existence, he is at work in immeasurable love defeating the forces of darkness, irrationality and evil within creaturely being where they are despotically entrenched. The eternal Word-and-Reason of God has become human flesh, personally penetrating into and participating in the contingent intelligibilities of our existence, in such a way as to bring God himself to bear directly and intimately upon us within the subject-subject and subject-object relations in which we live our daily life, so that our personal contact with God and our personal knowledge of him may be objectively and durably grounded on the internal being and reality of God. The fact that Jesus is risen from the dead, that he did not succumb to decay and corruption in the grave but rose again in the integrity of his human and somatic existence, having stripped away the despotic forces of darkness and evil that had entrenched themselves in our mortal being, means that the movement of God’s love in the reconciling and revealing activity of the incarnate Son, has been brought to a triumphant fulfilment; it means that the atoning sacrifice of Christ for the sins of the world, that the vicarious passion of the love of God, that the union and communion between man and God established in the incarnate life of the Son, are finally actualised and remain valid beyond death, as eternally prevailing reality man as well as for God. That God the transcendent Creator of the universe and the infinite Source of all its structure and order should thus become one of us and one with us in the birth, life, passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in such a way as to effect a renewing of the creation and the setting of it on a New basis in which it is eternally bound up with the life of God himself, makes our minds reel with its immeasurable significance; but what is particularly staggering is the fact that it gives Jesus Christ a place of cosmic significance, making him, man of earth as he the incarnate Son of God is, the point of supreme focus for the whole universe of Space and Time, by reference to which all its meaning and destiny are finally to be discerned.’

– TF Torrance
Space Time and Resurrection, pg 21-22


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