Speak Profitably, Speak Prophetically

If we wish to speak profitably to others,
then we must speak prophetically.

To speak prophetically we must speak pneumatically,
speaking truthfully in accordance with the one who is the Truth.
To speak thusly,
we must therefore in all things confess Jesus Christ as Lord,
from hearts which are sustained by the Holy Spirit,
and in this way we shall glorify our Heavenly Father,
from whom all good things come.

To speak profitably,
we must speak prophetically.

To speak prophetically means speaking to people,
engaging with them and committing ones’ self to them
in love so that we may stand with them and for them;
against the ghostly shadows of sin,
against the transitory and fading messages of the World,
and even against them their very selves.
It is to breathe into the dying dead, life.
It is to share with them the shalom;
the peace and joyful blessings which are ours in Christ.
It is to go into the barren places,
the lonely spaces and to dig wells of living water
so that those who are thirsty may drink
and be satisfied as never before
and for always.

Speak profitably.
Speak prophetically.


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