The Archbishop’s Presidential Address: Reflecting on #Primates2016

The General Synod of the Church of England meets this week. On Monday 15th February Archbishop Justin Welby used his presidential address to reflect on the outcome, and response to, of the Primates meeting earlier this year.

I would love to spend time reflecting further on his response and offering some thoughts but sadly I don’t have time to do so.

However, I would encourage you to watch and listen to it here below, or to read the transcript available here.

Ian Paul, who writes at, has recently been been appointed to the Archbishop’s Council and is present at the General Synod this week. He shared some of his reflections on this address during his reflections on day one of the General Synod.  I personally found it interesting and if you’re interested in the address then give it a read!

The Archbishop of Canterbury concluded, saying:

Life will not be perfect, or even anything remotely approaching it. That kind of over-realised eschatology is a nonsense. There are no quick fixes, magic wands or perfect spells. There is no church order that ensures perfection, nor one in which human sin does not add to the problems of the whole.

Yet there is a way forward that reveals the unity that we are given, and that celebrates the strength that we can bring each other; that enables us to love those who oppose us, and that focuses on human flourishing and on the setting free those who are bound by rules which Jesus could never have imagined, nor Paul (let’s put that old idiocy to rest), and which have emerged out of a desire for power rather than the expectation of the kingdom of God. There is, in short, a way forward in which we look like the people of Christ.

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