Free Idea: News Aggregation Site searchable by date

If it were my wheelhouse I would have a site which aggregated news stories and trends searchable by date.

It would work like this.

Landing page: Search box.

Type a date, any date.

You get a list of the top six stories of that day with a simple write up. Below that you’d have the next 14 highest stories listed.

This isn’t for the articles, this is to observe. Having observed you can then search, and SEs already SE so use them for that.

A day would be defined as the time period from 00:00 of +14 until 23:59 of -11.

On the side there could be a panel of social media trends for the day: Facebook, Twitter, IG, Reddit etc etc.

As the project developed I imagine that you would build in tool features.

Search by date range. Summaries of Calendar weeks (as the Europeans often use. EG: Week 42 stories XYZ), months or even years.

Search by location. Nation. State. City, etc.

Broaden scope to include new medias as and when they appear.

And… that’s it.

I would keep it simple, and keep the summaries as observationally neutral as possible. The idea is to enable people to observe, prompting searches rather than resolving searches.

You can achieve similar things by twisting Google’s News tools, but it’s still wading through information overload and stories are collapsed to a particular article (which can be expanded to view others) which may or may not be primarily editorial.

ps. list edits of summaries in a transparent way so that any changes made are easily identifiable.

pps. I’m never going to do this personally. If you want to do it, run with it.

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