Samuel S. Thorp

Samuel S. Thorp is a Priest in the Church of England; despite claiming that he would never grow up to be a vicar like his Dad, Stephen. He presently serves as Assistant Curate in the Diss Team Ministry, in the Diocese of Norwich.

A love of ideas, and arguments, led him to study theology; graduating with a First Class BA (Hons) from the London School of Theology and an MA in Theology and Ministry from St John’s College, Durham. 

Samuel passionately believes in the power of the living reality of the resurrected Jesus to forgive sin, bring about personal healing, and to change lives which become filled with hope – no matter how great the surrounding darkness.

It was during his time at the London School of Theology that Samuel met his Swedish wife Linnea who loves theology and random adventures just as much as he does.

In August of 2020, Samuel released his debut collection of poetry: Glimpses.

Life Experiences

Assistant Curate, in the Diss Team Ministry
(2018 – present)
In 2018 Samuel was ordained Deacon and joined the Diss Team Ministry as Curate under Revd Canon Tony Billett. In June 2019 he was ordained as a Priest. During his time in the Diss Team Ministry, Samuel has embraced working within a collaborative ‘minster model’ of ministry, enjoys preaching the Gospel regularly, and continued to develop his appreciation for ‘doing liturgy well’.

Ordinand at Cranmer Hall, St. John’s Collge Durham.
(2016 – 2018)
On the advice of his Bishop, Samuel trained for Ordination at Cranmer Hall; studying for a Masters in Theology, Mission, and Ministry (MATM) which he achieved with Merit. His dissertation was titled: “Thefore with Angels and Archangels…”: A Theological Encounter with Heavenly Worship in ‘Common Worship’ Liturgy. While at Cranmer, Samuel spent time on placement with: All Saint’s, Stranton – Hartlepool; St Paul’s Church, Spennymoor; St Helen’s Church, St Helen’s Auckland; and the Diocese of Durham Communications Department.

Pastoral Support Worker, the London School of Theology
(2014 – 2016)
Samuel sepnt two years working with undergraduate students providing pastoral support in a wide variety of situations. This included helping develop appropriate safeguarding structures, being a resident on campus “on-call” as part of first response team, providing spiritual and practical guidance, fascilitating and assisting accountability groups, and supporting those with mental health issues. Samuel’s line manager, Kirsty Annable, was also a lecturer in the Counselling Department and Samuel worked closely with them as well. These two years happened alongside the early stages of the discernment process for vocation in the Church of England. He was also given the opportunity to preach occasionally at the midweek BCP Eucharists at Emmanual Church, Northwood.

Undergraduate Student, the London School of Theology
It would be hard to overstate the impact which studying academic theology at a confessional theological college had on Samuel’s growth into the man he now is. While there he overcame significant personal challenges to lift his average grade score by 11.5 from his second year to his third year; resulting in graduating with a First Class BA (Hons) in Theology. His third year dissertation was titled: How can the Eucharistic Theology of Thomas Torrance give Meaning to the Experience of the Church in the Sacrament? During his undergraduate degree, Samuel spent time on placement with Harefield Bapist Church; a wonderful small community which was ultimately helpful in ascertaining that he was not a Baptist.

The Thorp family moved to Norfolk when Samuel was 13 when his father, Stephen, became the Rector of the Benefice of Necton. Samuel completed his GCSEs at Litcham Highschool before doing his A-levels at Dereham Sixth Form College. It was during this time that Samuel did martial arts, first Capoeira and then later Kung Fu. This helps account for the many family holiday photographs of Samuel doing handstands next to various views and historical buildings/monuments.

(Age 4-13)
Samuel grew up in Devon with two younger siblings – one brother and one sister – where his father was team vicar in the Two Rivers Team ministry. It was a rural life and gave Samuel his passion for exploring the outdoors and reading good novels (Jack London, Enid Blyton, and JRR Tolkien to name a few). He was old enough to remember the difficulties faced by the local farming communities during foot-and-mouth, with several pyres visible from the front door.

Before they moved to Devon, Samuel’s parents lived in Knutsford, Chesire, where Stephen was serving his curacy under Revd Canon Michael Walters at St John’s. Samuel’s main memories of Knutsford are of a noisy fire engine, squirrels playing in the graveyard, and of building a snowman.

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Samuel with Grandfather