Lent Reflections

Lent 2016: Reflections on the story of the Prodigal Son.

Blog Posts:


A Man with Two Sons

Dad, I wish you were Dead. 

The Man with Two Sons and… Abraham? 

Wild Living – the First ‘Feast’

A Sinner like us

Lost Wealth


A Strong Famine

Fit for a Pig – the Second Feast


Two Aspects of Sin

But While…

Real Life

A Celebration – the Third Feast

The Finest Robe

Not Worthy

“Prodigal God” – John Alexander Wilson

Put a Ring on It

Brothers – The Fourth Feast

An Unsung Hero

 Left Out?

The Fattened Calf

Who are the Pharisee?

Jesus Eats with Sinners – the Fifth Feast

Sinners No More


An Invitation – The Sixth Feast

Rejoice With Me!

The Father and his Sons

Romans and the Prodigal Son

Story Time

Good Friday and the Prodigal Son

Between Good Friday and Easter

Eucharist – the Seventh Feast

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