Notes from the Pilgrim Path

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Welcome to “Notes from the Pilgrim Path”

This is something of a work in progress but I hope it captures something of the nature of these posts. Ever since I was a child I’ve loved the world of Middle Earth; of Bilbo and his adventures “There and Back Again”, and of the strong sense of journeying in the Lord of the Rings. Aragorn was a particular inspiration, not so much for who he became but for who he was when we first meet him as Strider. A ranger wandering the wilds to keep innocent people safe and not seeking the glory of acknowledgement. If you were to combine Aragorn with Jack London’s White Fang and Call of the Wild novels you’d have a reasonable sense of the types of themes and characters which I’ve often graviated towards when reading.

The posts which will be shared here will be notes and reflections from my own journey through life, ‘from this World to That Which is to Come’.

You can expect topics of faith, culture, literature, life, and poetry to crop up.

So grab an apple for second breakfast and let’s hit the road as we make our Pilgrim Way onwards.

Life is an adventure – let’s explore