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“Glimpses”: the debut collection of poetry from Samuel S. Thorp

I have in my study a small brown notebook. It sits next to my monitor and in it I’ve been writing down the poems I’ve written in various different places across the years. It’s likely that a handful of poems have been lost, but I recently did a deep dive through my old notebooks and computer files to find which poems I could and wrote them out again by hand in my trusty brown notebook. As I did so I found myself learning more about myself and noticing things which I’d missed at the time. It was during this process that I began to wonder about publishing them and – a hop, skip, and a jump later – this volume materialised.

Glimpses offers an insight to a journey of faith where hope breaks in as the first amber rays of a long awaited dawn. With a commitment to poetic integrity and honesty, these pieces don’t shy away from the lived reality of human complexity while holding fast to a hope of meaning and purpose which can help us all.

These are glimpses of my life, my faith, my spirituality which I offer for you to ponder in the hope that they will speak to you as you reflect on your own life, your own faith – or lack thereof – as you make your own journey through this ‘strange thing called Life.’

A handful of the poems in Glimpses

Feel free to post reviews in the comments or contact me – I’d love to hear what you think.

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