A Prayer for Universities and Students

Last night I was leading Evensong at St John’s College, Durham in the UK. The following is the prayer for the university during the intercessions — posted here for ease of sharing. Naturally, the names could be exchanged for other institutions should you wish to use this prayer yourself.

O Lord, you have given us minds that wonder,
hearts that appreciate complexity and beauty in abundance.
We thank you for these gifts,
and pray for the work of Durham University and St John’s college.
May this be a place of learning, of curiosity
and where people are equipped for the lives you are calling them to
— whichever discipline they are pursuing.
In the times of difficulty, and in the face of deadlines,
may we take comfort in your presence as we entrust this institution
and all our studies into your sovereign hands.
May time not march on relentlessly,
leaving us hurrying and pressured,
but rather sing with productivity and meaning.
Do not let our eyes be obscured from our subjects by pressures of assignments but rather may we delve deeper into all aspects of your creation
and be inspired to use such knowledge for the good of all.

Lord, in your mercy.
Hear our prayer.

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