Anna Drew’s session was invigorating and good fun! Now we move to another Anna, the articulate Anna Norman-Walker with Fr Simon Randall to explore the concept of Multimedia Liturgy. Anna’s background comes out of a ministry at Exeter Cathedral. Exeter Cathedral Anna’s brief was to do education and outreach based from the Cathedral. The cathedral […]

Today we kick off with a morning of sessions on being interviewed, either radio or television; presented by Canterbury Diocese’s Director of Communications — Anna Drew. The morning starts with a look at the theory and then later we will give it a go ourselves. The first example was the Lord Pearson interview where it ended: The […]

We’ve opened with the following video: and used Poll Everywhere to compile one of those word diagrams where the most common word was the largest — and that word was impossible. This prompted an interesting discussion where people responded in the main positively. It was cool, it was endearing, it was inspirational. However, as I pointed out, […]

The afternoon session concluded after having talked through a variety of different practical solutions for using technology in church or for podcasting and vlogging. Then we transitioned into evening prayer, done via the Church of England app or website. There was also the option to tweet a prayer if wanted during this. I tweeted this: […]

Lunch was pretty tasty and it was lovely to get to know some of the other delegates a bit, and I look forward to getting to know them better throughout the week. This next session is a bit more practically focused with Ian Britton from Premier Radio. He’s started by demonstrating the quality of interviews […]