A Day

A day can be anything.

From when you wake up until you fall asleep, there’s a whole day in which almost anything can happen. Today could be the best day of my life, I might fall in love or eat candy floss or get a great grade in an exam. Or it could be dreadful; you could die, or be abused or lose your childhood toy that means so much to you.

A Day can be anything.

I’ve had days where I’ve been on top of the world, and I’ve had days where I’ve looked into the abyss and it’s stared straight back at me.

The Good days are fine, we muddle through them and treasure the memories, but the bad… they can hurt us for what seems like eternity. What we need is to share both the good and the bad, without others we’re all alone and loneliness is the greatest curse of all.

Today has been an average day, and tomorrow could be any kind of day. But what makes these days better days is that even when friends seem absent we, as Siblings with Christ, are never truly alone.

Hearing the echoing whisper of love intermingled into our own souls,
living and breathing, aching and groaning, smiling and laughing with us, in us, for us, can remind us to hope, to trust, to believe.

Today is just a day, but whatever the day; we know that we are not alone.

(Written in the Spring of 2014)

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