What is Prayer?

A few weeks ago there was a Facebook discussion on Prayer, prompted by this post from Rob Bell. It got rather animated but more importantly, it got people thinking.

In the weeks since I have pondered a couple of ponderings, and written a little something of my answer to the question: What is Prayer?

What is prayer?
Prayer is the waves of a greater – a Holy – Spirit crashing upon the shore of your soul. It is the tidal rhythm of life which ebbs and flows, trickles and cascades. The power of this Spirit can be terrifying, it can be exhilarating; it can be still and calm – peaceful. We often try to run away, yet no matter how fast – how far – we run; we find him already there. We meet with this Lord of Life by ourselves, crying out from the tangible shadows of death and sin which isolate us. We stare with eyes wide shut for the light which haunts us as a forgotten promise. We meet together and say words of truth which shake the foundations of the world over one another. We, broken and scarred, dare to utter the name of Jesus – we breathe in the Life of his Spirit and speak in his name and with his heart, as he presents us before his – our, heavenly Father. Alone and with: friends, families, the church; we are called ‘Friends of God, Children of the Most High’ – known by name by the One who was claimed by death, and claimed for himself our deaths; he was claimed by the Giver of Life and claims that life for us – breathing it into us in prayer. Of course this changes us, how could it not?

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