Day 32: 2018 is ours

The last 31 days have been all about reclaiming our masculinity.

Over two hundred men scattered around the world have been joined with a common purpose. To prove to themselves, in arguably the busiest and most excuse filled month of the year, that they can be disciplined. We have reflected, we have run, we have planned, connected with others, avoided temptations and done push ups. Lots of push ups.

For more context read this post of mine from near the start of December. If you missed out on it don’t worry. Buy the book here, and do it yourself.

It’s been full on since this T-shirt arrived.

I’ve taken a lot away from this time but one observation has interigued me. The busier I have been, the slower the time has passed. Each day has been an intentional one. I have had to get x number of push ups done and achieve the challenge for the day, as well as read and do whatever is happening in my own life. At no point have I been caught off guard, as I so often am, by the fact that the days have raced away with me and it was Monday and is now suddenly Thursday and almost the weekend.

Discipline shouldn’t obstruct your life, it should fascilitate it.

During #DecemberOfDiscipline in a sense things have been easy. I’ve known what I needed to do, what the rules of the game were.

Wake up. 
Read email.

Then comes the email for Day 31.

My challenge to take responsibility for my life as we continue into 2018 and head beyond into the 2020’s means that today is the next day. Day 31 is not the end. I can’t rest on my laurels, as I did when I completed #31DTM solo in October (I barely did anything between then and December, truth be told). As such I’ve taken the rules for the month and adapted them, adjusted them to line up with my vision for myself.

My ‘rules’ can be summarised like this:

  • God
  • Health
  • Laughter

Writing daily (whether published or not) is one of those aims, and is the main reason I’m writing this.

The point is that 2018 is ours. There’s nothing stopping us from moving with purpose, from striding towards our destinations and achieving what we have set before ourselves.

Today though I am acknowledging and reflecting on the month that has just been, the men I’ve had the privilege to connect with and the satisfaction of proving to myself that I can get my act together and be disciplined.

This next tweet serves as a reminder to my future self, in whatever circumstances I encounter, that I can do this and be victorious.

As Hunter says

Acta, Non Verba

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