This week I have been fortunate to take part in the CODEC Annual Conference MediaLit 2017. We have covered an array of topics with a variety of speakers with different passions and areas of expertise. And I have Chronicled my experience of this the whole way through, to intentionally engage with the conference in a […]

The final session, before the concluding devotions, is reflecting on the whole week. Karen has tweeted out a storify collection of the #MediaLit17 tweets on Twitter. We spent some time discussing in groups our reflections on the week. One group observed that it’s important we operate with discernment and a desire for balance. This was […]

We turn now to Cranmer Hall’s own Kate Bruce who is leading a session engaging with the Theology of Entertainment. We started by thinking about those occasions where we have encountered something of God in entertainment and then wondered what the positives of associating with theology and entertainment. Theology shouldn’t just be solemn and grim, […]

Anna Drew’s session was invigorating and good fun! Now we move to another Anna, the articulate Anna Norman-Walker with Fr Simon Randall to explore the concept of Multimedia Liturgy. Anna’s background comes out of a ministry at Exeter Cathedral. Exeter Cathedral Anna’s brief was to do education and outreach based from the Cathedral. The cathedral […]

Today we kick off with a morning of sessions on being interviewed, either radio or television; presented by Canterbury Diocese’s Director of Communications — Anna Drew. The morning starts with a look at the theory and then later we will give it a go ourselves. The first example was the Lord Pearson interview where it ended: The […]