#MediaLit17 Chronicles 15: Presentations — Part 2

We come to the second slot of presentations!

Briefly, we had presentations on:

Consuming and responding to the Media:

  • Given that Jeremy Corbyn did better than expected, is it fair to say that the power of the media is finally over?
  • Heard about the recent terror attacks through social media.
  • The Church of England often responds with some kind of prayer
  • We watched this:
  • and got to share our responses to it.
  • The crowd-sourced new media is more honest, it isn’t presented through the spin of the Mainstream Media — a response

We Need to Talk about Al Jazeera …

  • Dealing with the situation to do with Qatar
  • Is a satellite television station
  • Impact of Printing Press
  • 2010 — Twitter Revolution, Arab Spring
  • Where is God in these things?
  • “The Revolution will be Tweeted”
  • How do we manage our political bias in how people view us on Twitter?

Positive potential of impact of Media in the Church

  • We watched this, and to be honest the passion and enthusiasm was celebrating this video so watch it and see what you think.

Testimony in Social Media

  • Luke 8:39
  • Matthew 5:16
  • Instagram Posts — is it helpful or cheesy?
  • What is and isn’t helpful to share?
  • What is our intent? To build a presence? Or glorify God?
  • Short videos sharing what God has been doing today/recently, the quality of the video is secondary/actually helps with authenticity
  • Alpha Testimony — HTB high quality production
  • Is it helpful to share testimonies online? Would you and how would you share testimonies on social media yourself.

Reddit and the Church


These were all great presentations!

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