Andy Byers was fantastic, do check out his TheoMedia book . Now we’ve moved on to the Digital Revolution with Tallie Proud — the digital media officer for the Church of England. Currently hearing an array of interesting stats and figures surrounding social media. Everything ranging from the 93 million selfies taken a day (my contributions can be […]

Andy Byers has been giving a passionate presentation on the idea of Media and the role it plays in influencing us (with some interesting diagrammatic presentations of the weight of influences across different christian traditions). He’s written a book, Theomedia, which seems to be the basis of this session. Theomedia on Amazon This has been shaped […]

This week, as an Ordinand at Cranmer Hall in Durham, I have the privilege of being able to attend this years CODEC conference ‘MediaLit’. This looks to be a full on week of lectures, seminars, and presentations looking at how we can engage with theology and digital culture. Some of the themes include: Digital Theology; […]