#MediaLit17 Chronicles 2: Theomedia

Andy Byers has been giving a passionate presentation on the idea of Media and the role it plays in influencing us (with some interesting diagrammatic presentations of the weight of influences across different christian traditions).

He’s written a book, Theomedia, which seems to be the basis of this session.

Theomedia on Amazon

This has been shaped by the various and real pastoral concerns which have arisen from the developing technologies and the fast paced digital culture which ‘changes every month’ — making it hard for our theology to remain relevant.

He highlighted some amusing but serious parental scenarios too. How do we respond when our children ask in the car on the way to the store if they can download Snapchat? Or what about Minecraft?

Theomedia intended to set out to develop a central framework which could adapt to different and ever new scenarios.

The two main arguments are that God Himself Uses Media; God is a god of revelation, after all. If this is the case then there must be a way of developing a theo-logic by which we can understand and use media today.

And, Christians are called to Media Saturation. The primary media which we are to saturate ourselves with is the media of God, and as such we are to be a media for God.

Interesting stuff so far! Next, to explore how this works through the salvation history given in the Bible.

One of the reviews for his book on Amazon says: “This is probably the best book I have read yet on digital media and Christian faith and I commend it to you. It both lays out a theological framework for understanding new media and provides a challenge to each of us to be equipped and saturated by the media of God: TheoMedia.”

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